Is it November?

People google some pretty odd things. Sometimes I look at the search results and ask, “When did I write about that?”  Other times I know exactly which post is being looked at.  There’s been a spike in “thank you” searches lately, making me wonder if I missed the memo about Thanksgiving being moved to a different date on the calendar.

Every now and then I run across posts that address the topic of thank-you notes much better than I ever could, but I forget to bookmark them.  With that in mind, I’m adding a page so that, in the future, there will be a collection of information for those who are looking.  If you locate good posts on this topic, please send me the link.

I’m curious.  Have you ever written a thank-you note to one of your doctors?


One thought on “Is it November?

  1. I wrote thank you notes to my rheumatologist and her nurse practitioner after my coverage of Enbrel was finally approved.

    They both fought so hard for me, and it was during the four weeks I went without the drug (after a year of appeals while I was still covered under my Mom’s insurance) that I really saw how much they cared. I think my relationship with my rheumatologist is different and deeper now. She saw me when I was absolutely at rock bottom, and I saw how far she’s willing to go for her patients.

    Their support, and the knowledge that they were just as invested in my health as I am, meant so much to me, and I told them that.

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