Small Needle

It’s hard to imagine a needle can be so tiny.  Given that it’s Enbrel day again, I took a closer look at the syringe:

Small – not quite half an inch.  I set a regular sewing needle beside it for comparison.  Then I got to looking, and thought that not only is the needle short, but the diameter looks about like a strand of thread.

Sure enough, the tip of the needle on the syringe fits into the eye of my sewing needle:


Is it November?

People google some pretty odd things. Sometimes I look at the search results and ask, “When did I write about that?”  Other times I know exactly which post is being looked at.  There’s been a spike in “thank you” searches lately, making me wonder if I missed the memo about Thanksgiving being moved to a different date on the calendar.

Every now and then I run across posts that address the topic of thank-you notes much better than I ever could, but I forget to bookmark them.  With that in mind, I’m adding a page so that, in the future, there will be a collection of information for those who are looking.  If you locate good posts on this topic, please send me the link.

I’m curious.  Have you ever written a thank-you note to one of your doctors?