Another Appointment

“I’m so sorry!  If I’d known you just needed a tetanus shot, I would have popped in before my last patient.”  The NP was running half an hour late.  She continued, “I like that we take care of our patients here, but sometimes it means we’re behind schedule.  I couldn’t work one of those places that set a timer and when fifteen minutes are up, you dash to the next room.”

Having been the beneficiary of that policy, getting all of my issues handled in a caring manner without regard to how long it takes, I can’t really complain.

Except that I didn’t think I was seeing the NP.  My favorite shot-nurse (okay, that’s probably not really her title, but she does sometimes have days where all she does is give shots) works on Thursdays.  I thought that since my appointment was for a vaccine, nothing else, I’d be seeing her.

I have a choice between asking for the MD and the NP when I make appointments.  Now I’m wondering if there’s any way to make a request as to who gives shots when it’s time for vaccines…