More Understanding

Is it possible to support awareness of invisible diseases while simultaneously staying invisible?  I’ve been trying, but Saturday Wren cross-posted Buckle Me Up: No more invisible ra on both of her blogs.  That got me to thinking, and I decided to follow her lead and added abbreviated posts on my other blogs, as well as putting up a link on FB.

This morning one of my 3D/FB friends approached me and asked, “What’s the deal with that link you posted on Facebook?”  That gave me a perfect opening to explain that most people know of arthritis as something that old people get, but there are actually many other kinds of arthritis.  The others are autoimmune diseases that have nothing to do with wear-and-tear.

She already knew!  She has a friend with rheumatoid arthritis… 

I don’t know how much she really has heard about RA, or what she understands, but it was really interesting to meet another person who realizes that OA isn’t the entirety of arthritis.  And she will pass along my email so that her friend can contact me.

Those of you who participated in Saturday’s awareness blogging, have you had any response?

1 thought on “More Understanding

  1. First, thank you for posting this and also for being a leader in the autoimmune arthritis community…you make life for sufferers much easier and for that I’m sure I speak for many when I send this thanks!
    Now, I didn’t blog on Saturday, but I did help orchestrate it and can give you some feedback…
    My name is Tiffany, I am the Founder of the Buckle Me Up! International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement, which took off mainly because of a fellow blogger, Sara Nash, and her willingness to talk about the mission and charity bracelets on her post. We have Movement Leaders who have signed up all over the world since then (and this was only since June 09! 🙂 ) and 2 of them helped w/ this blog awareness idea. Amanda, from NC and another blogger, came up w/ the concept and Robin, an additional blogger, joined in to assist. The idea was two-fold: for the 1st time ever, bring all autoimmune arthritis sufferers together to raise awareness about our community (RA, PA, JA, AS, Lupus, Scleroderma) and ask for $1 donations to assist with the cost to file paperwork so we can become an official nonprofit asap.
    The results- we met and picked up new blog contacts (including yourself 🙂 ) which is amazing in itself. And we are still encouraging new bloggers to continue the post, it’s not too late, let’s keep the wave going! Second, we raised $181 on Saturday, which brings us closer to getting the paperwork filed, which is amazingly wonderful. In addition, we received dozens of emails to the website with stories of hope and thanks, which means it was a huge success!
    Thank you again for being a part of the awareness. The louder we are the more awareness we will spread. It’s only a matter of time before society finally understands 🙂 .

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