Symptom/Pain Tracking

Have you seen ReliefInsite?  I’d never heard of it until I saw a link to it on Hospital Song’s Let’s Talk About Pain post.  Thought it might be a resource for those looking to track info.

My little project keeps getting bigger.  Thought this link might work for people in the meantime.



3 thoughts on “Symptom/Pain Tracking

  1. I have an iPhone and have a GREAT application that allows you track and manage all my symptoms, medicines and doctor information.

    Reply: Good to know. Thank you. (I just kept this one comment – glad you got your computer fixed)

  2. Thanks for this link, WarmSocks. I’ve decided to use this tool; it seems like it will be a great way to keep track of pain, symptoms and how well meds are working so I can show the report to my rheumatologist. I’m afraid he might be a little overwhelmed, but that’s all right. At least it will keep him on his toes when he sees me once every three months.

    Thanks again. Hope you’re feeling all right…

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