Whistleblower Holiday Cheer

Ostrich alert – the following is a political poem about the healthcare debate.  Skip this post if you’d rather not read about that topic.

Over at MD Whistleblower, last Sunday Dr. Michael Kirsch shared a poem which he wrote:

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
In the Senate and House,
Health reform creatures
Were giddy and soused.

The horses were traded,
And promises made,
Nelson and Landrieu
Were handsomely paid.

Some will be winners,
And others will lose.
The majority strategy?
 Scare and confuse!

The conference is coming
Where sausage is made,
Which plan will survive?
Neither! We prayed.

A government option
And sugarplum fees,
Isn’t the cure
Of our health care disease.

“Now Harry! Now Nancy!
On Dodd and on Baucus!”
With a wink and a twinkle,
They held tight their caucus.

The Dems all agreed
One item must fall.
Now dash away! Dash away!
Tort reform all!

Then with a crash
Through the chimney that night,
Popped out Barack
With a smile of delight.

He promised reform
Turning debt into wealth.
The better plan may be
To pray for good health.

He raced through the chambers,
Looking merry and droll
Giving Dems sparkling diamonds
To the GOP – coal. 

In a flash he was gone,
And away sailed his sleigh.
Why do most of us feel
This is not our best day?


I’m not opposed to figuring out a way to improve things, but I really have a problem with politicians telling doctors how to practice medicine.  Somehow I keep hoping that the reform will involve prosecuting insurance companies under the RICO Act, then returning to the day when medical costs were a private matter between physician and patient.

That’s obviously not going to happen, so I think we need an amendment to the constitution that would require congressmen to have the same healthcare plan that they inflict on the rest of our country’s citizens.  Maybe that’s what it will take to get our representatives and senators to address the issues in a more thoughtful manner.