Elbows & Blisters

Did you know that elbows could swell?  Well, now you do.

So much for hoping that I was just having a holiday flare that would disappear after Christmas.  I’ve been taking maximum doses of tylenol on top of my feldene & other meds, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.  Pills are limited to breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime – keeps me from forgetting when the last dose was and consequently taking too much.

If there’s a bright side to this, it would be the fact that I have an appointment next week.  With any luck, my insurance company will approve the new medication in a timely fashion, and whichever drug I get will yield quick results.

In the meantime, I’ve been using my trusty rice bag as a hotpad – rotating between elbows and shoulders.  If anyone has other relief tips to tide me over until I see the doctor next week, I would be most appreciative.

In other news, I have a couple blisters on my hand — and although I’ve been cooking a lot recently (pies, candy, etc.), I don’t recall burning myself.  You’d think I’d remember burns that are bad enough to leave blisters, but I have no idea how I got them.  On the bright side, they don’t hurt unless I press on them.  Makes me wonder if the PN is getting worse.

2009 is almost over!!



4 thoughts on “Elbows & Blisters

  1. You know, I’ve yet to have RA attack my elbows. (knocks wood) I can imagine, however, how truly uncomfortable and inconvenient that must be.

    Damp heat can be very soothing. Many years ago, I had muscle spasms in my neck that caused a headache so intense I honestly thought I was dying. My Dad took me to the ER. We were both scared. The doc identified the muscle spasms and put me on muscle relaxers AND suggested towels soaked in the hottest water I could stand, wrung out and then packed around those crazy muscles. It’s an old-fashioned method, I know, but I remember it as being extremely therapeutic.

    Another thought: A heating pad. Or more microwaved rice bags so you don’t have to be shifting them from shoulders to elbows all the time.

    Finally: What is PN again?

  2. I can’t think of much for the elbow, except maybe try to wrap it not tightly in an ace bandage? The compression might help a little?

    Not sure about them blisters either! But I’d have rheumy check a bunch of things like blood tests and or biopsies before starting the new med since you don’t think they’re burn related. Worked with any new chemicals lately? I’d be concerened about potential infection or septic joint if the blisters are on same hand as elbow?

  3. Damp heat is great. Good idea. Time for a very long, hot shower. More rice bags would be good, too. Now that I’m thinking of moist heat, maybe I could break out my paraffin bath. I think we chucked out all the ace bandages, but we have a lot of vet wrap – I could try it.

    Isn’t it weird how RA is different in different people? Aside from the overwhelming fatigue, I think my throat was first. Then my knees and elbows. Next hips and shoulders. Feet came later. Hands were okay as long as I didn’t have to shake hands with anyone, but have been worse lately. There are even bursa upon which we sit. Dang! That sure seems like a lot of joints!

    If the blisters are still around when I see my rheumy, I’ll ask what she thinks. I have two sore elbows, but only blisters on one hand. I haven’t used the pitchfork yet, so they can’t be from working.


    edited to add: PN=peripheral neuropathy

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