Christmas Break

For three years, I’ve told my family that I’d like a pitchfork.  For three years, they’ve thought that was a stupid idea for gift-giving occasions.  Birthdays, mother’s day, Christmas, and anniversaries have come and gone, and I’ve continued to hunt for the family pitchfork because nobody ever returns it to the tool shed when they’re done with it.  This Christmas, at last, I received a pitchfork of my very own.  It might be my favorite gift.

Might be.  However, I also received a nice pair of brown shoes that will accomodate my orthotics, so it’s hard to choose a favorite.  I got two cool presents.

My husband and I didn’t exchange gifts, which our kids think is a bit odd.  We both have everything we need (from all the boxes in storage, it appears that we also have a bunch of stuff we don’t need).  Instead of spending money just to go through the motions of wrapping a box to place beneath the tree, we’re planning to go out to dinner together – without the kids – using a gift certificate given to us last year that we’ve never had time to enjoy!

Then I bought myself something.  After devoting a lot more time than I’d intended in exploring OpenOffice, I established beyond a doubt that it won’t allow me to build the database I have in mind (mentioned here and here).  I bought myself the most current version of Access.  Actually, I got a great deal on the whole Office 2007 package and discovered some pretty cool features.  Not only do I get to write my database, but I’ll also be playing with a few other software packages, too.  Once I get the wrinkles ironed out, I’ll post some examples.

That’s it for now.  Hope you had a good Christmas break.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Break

  1. A pitchfork is a beautiful thing. So usefulfor pitching straw for the hens or cleaning up cut-down foxtails and rose prunings. In combination with a torch, pitchforks are quite effective in protest marches, as well … heheheheh. Glad you got one of your own, WarmSocks. I’m looking forward to seeing your Access magic.

  2. Enjoy your pitchfork! I can understand you wanting one – and it’ll give you more to do outside, which is always a very good thing.

    I’m glad you got yourself something special, too. I’m looking forward to seeing your examples.

    Glad you had such a nice Christmas.

  3. The pitchfork sounds fun! I’ve never had enough property to require one but I love the sense of accomplishment that comes from cleaning up stuff like that!

    I LOVE the database idea- I use an Access based database at work and can see how it would be very effective in managing medical expenses. Keep us posted!!!

  4. The pitchfork is for my duck shed, which needs the occasional scooping out. Hadn’t thought of a protest march – maybe we could all get one and protest RA! 🙂

    I have reports designed on paper, basic tables set up, and started on the queries, but have forgotten how to do a few things with Access. It’s been a couple years since I wrote anything and this version has new features, so I’ve ordered a reference book. It’s scheduled to ship tomorrow and should arrive on Monday. Obviously this won’t be done before the end of the year as I’d originally hoped! Oh well. It’s fun to have little projects. I’ll keep you posted.

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