Seeing the Doc

It’s really weird to expect a quick in-and-out appointment, and instead have the doctor bring up an extra topic.

I thought I was seeing my PCP to refill my headache-prevention medicine.  He did that – fairly quickly.  He was also interested in what’s going on with the RA, and I hadn’t realized that would be up for discussion.  See, my PCP has a new policy posted in his exam rooms.  I don’t have the exact wording, but the gist of it is we’ll deal with everything you bring up, but multiple issues might need to be documented as two separate appointments which will require a second co-pay .  I’ve been tempted to ask if he can do that retroactively to get additional compensation for one of my extremely lengthy appointments last year.

But I digress.  When the whole point of the appointment was to get a refill, I wasn’t sure it would be okay to ask about anything else.  Then he brought up a different subject.

It turns out that my rheumatologist sends a letter to my PCP whenever she sees me.  He’s been getting lab results and a letter every month.  Unfortunately, it’s apparent in her written communication that English is not my rheumatologist’s native language, so my PCP wasn’t sure exactly what the current plan is.  He asked.  We talked about it.  So simple.

It provided an opportunity to ask another question (since we were on RA anyway).  The warning label on biologics gives a list of symptoms which warrant a call to your doctor.  Which doctor?!   So I asked.  We discussed it.  Dang, this is easy.

I’m a lot more comfortable talking to my doctor now than I used to be.  That’s partly due to the fact that I’ve had to do it so frequently, but mostly due to what I’ve learned reading medblogs.  A few posts I’ve found helpful are here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here  and even here and here.



RA Shirts

There are some great shirts over at MedTees, a link that DrWes shared last week.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

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Technically these aren’t located in the arthritis tab (which was the least funny of all the choices), but they’re certainly appropriate.  Direct links: pain shirt, pin cushion shirt

There are also shirts that say no whining, death by chocolate (seriously), quitting is not an option, and lots of others…  Definitely worth browsing the site!