Pills In Public

Social gatherings:  have fun, visit with people, eat good food…  Tonight is the big Christmas party.  I think I can manage to avoid shaking hands with people, but I still haven’t figured out how to take a handful of pills inconspicuously.

  • Taking them before we leave home would be too early.
  • Taking them after we return home would be too late.
  • Hiding in the bathroom has been suggested. No. Ick. I’m not taking a drink into the bathroom.
  • Skipping my evening meds completely probably isn’t a good idea, either.

Most of them have to be taken with food, lest they chew a hole in my stomach, and that means sometime during hors d’oeuvres or supper.  If I end up with an ulcer, I’d be forever disqualified from NSAIDs – they make a difference, so I want the option of taking them – thus I’m careful about taking these things with food.

I’m not self-centered enough to think that everyone will be watching me, but my husband and I will be fairly visible and there are times that isn’t so nice.

Suggestions on ways to remain invisible while taking pills in public would be greatly appreciated.


9 thoughts on “Pills In Public

  1. Aw, WarmSocks. Just take them when it’s time. Pop the handful into your mouth and slug ’em back with your beverage of choice. You’re taking these medicines because you need them, they mitigate pain and they help you live your life with joy and energy. The alternative is unthinkable. There is nothing to be embarrassed about; if someone asks, tell them. Simply. And then move on and enjoy your evening, celebrating the holiday with friends and acquaintances. No one is going to be saying, tomorrow, “Did you see WarmSocks? That handful of pills! WOW!”

    Have fun tonight!

    • I just thought of this: If you really just can’t bear taking those pills in public, consider putting a small bottle of water in your purse, along with your pills, and then take it into the loo with you… No touching anything but your own stuff, that way. Or you could step outside long enough to take them, then pop back in an down some goodies to protect your tum. Either way, have a great time!

  2. Sometimes I just try to take them one at a time, quietly and inconspicuously. If it comes down to it, though, I just pop them in my mouth and if people are curious, they can ask.

    No one has ever said anything rude to me about my pills.

    Have a wonderful time!

  3. Ah WarmSocks, I envy your social life! I don’t take pills but I wish I had the sort of life where I was out enough to imagine this problem.

    My approach would be to announce it is time for your medicine and take them right there at the buffet. Any discussions that come up could be a good chance to educate people on the difference between RA and OA.

    Of course, your style is different from mine (which may account for you having more social invitations than me) in which case Wren’s thought about the waterbottle in the bathroom sounds like a good option.

  4. P.S.

    You’ve reminded me of some of the times I’ve had to take my Enbrel injections at awkward moments. Sometimes especially difficult as you aren’t supposed to do it in the bathroom, since it isn’t the most sterile environment.

    One of my best friends insisted on staying in the room with me the first time I did it myself. She’s so needle-phobic that SHE cried through the whole thing – and she didn’t even watch!

  5. It sounds like ya’ll think I’m stressing over this more than necessary. I appreciate the ideas. I’ll work with this and let you know how it goes. Thank you so very much.

    Doctor D, I have no social life! This is a company Christmas party and we are obligated to attend. I will have to greet every person in the room, pretend that I remember their names and something personal about them even though I see them only once or twice a year, and help announce door prizes. It will be fun, though.


  6. I understand. I wouldn’t want to take my pills in front of others at a company party, since I don’t tell people at work about my RA.

    The water-bottle-in-the-purse idea is a good one. My purse isn’t big enough for this, but yours might be. I don’t feel quite as icky about taking a drink into the bathroom as you do, though – I have done this before when I’ve been out in public and didn’t want people to see the pills. Although now that you’ve mentioned it, I may start feeling icky…

    I also liked the idea about ducking outside quickly with your drink.

    I can’t think of anything else, but if I do, I’ll post.

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