Pills In Public

Social gatherings:  have fun, visit with people, eat good food…  Tonight is the big Christmas party.  I think I can manage to avoid shaking hands with people, but I still haven’t figured out how to take a handful of pills inconspicuously.

  • Taking them before we leave home would be too early.
  • Taking them after we return home would be too late.
  • Hiding in the bathroom has been suggested. No. Ick. I’m not taking a drink into the bathroom.
  • Skipping my evening meds completely probably isn’t a good idea, either.

Most of them have to be taken with food, lest they chew a hole in my stomach, and that means sometime during hors d’oeuvres or supper.  If I end up with an ulcer, I’d be forever disqualified from NSAIDs – they make a difference, so I want the option of taking them – thus I’m careful about taking these things with food.

I’m not self-centered enough to think that everyone will be watching me, but my husband and I will be fairly visible and there are times that isn’t so nice.

Suggestions on ways to remain invisible while taking pills in public would be greatly appreciated.