Biologic Copays

Good news!  My insurance company covers both biologics mentioned by my rheumatologist.  They require pre-authorization, but I expected that.  The process is not supposed to take more than 72 hours.  I think that means I won’t be able to get a shot at my next appointment, but will have to return for another appointment.  I wonder if there’s a way to expedite the paperwork?

As a few people pointed out (I really appreciate all the help), Enbrel and Humira have a variety of assistance plans.

Humira has a copay assist plan.  Here’s the link to their FAQ page.  It really appears that their goal was only to claim they have a web page; I didn’t find it particularly helpful.  As nearly as I can tell, they require a person’s financial information before determining qualification for any assistance.  They don’t give an abundance of information on their website, and I have to wonder why the plan isn’t straightforward enough to clearly explain.

Enbrel also has a support program to help with copays.  It does not appear that financial information is required.  For people with commercial insurance (not taxpayer-funded medical care), there are no out-of-pocket costs for the first six months.  After that, a maximum of $10 copay per month.  Can that really be right?

So, if I accurately understand the information on Enbrel’s website correctly, that’s yet another reason to choose Enbrel instead of Humira.

WHEW!  I can proceed with this treatment without putting my family in the poorhouse.

Things are looking up.

For those who have the Enbrel Support CoPay Card Program,
am I understanding this correctly?  Is it really that easy?