Balanced Diet

There’s a new post up over at My Family Doctor which includes this gem:

…certain foods eaten in certain combinations are harmful and can even make you gain weight.

Ya think?

A balanced meal includes all the food groups:  fruits, vegetables, meat/protein, breads, dairy.



Anybody want to argue that this is a picture of a balanced meal?

Apple turnovers contain fruit, and ice cream takes care of the dairy group (there’s eggs in ice cream, too).  Cheese goes pretty well with apples, so you might like to add that and increase both your protein and your dairy.  A side of pumpkin pie adds a vegetable.  Some people might claim that the pie crust and flaky turnover pastry qualify as the bread group, but you won’t want to skimp on your daily allotment of grains, so a nice slice of cake for dessert would take care of your bread needs.

The article actually discredits the food combination theory, but I just couldn’t resist.  Of course there are combinations of foods that can make you gain weight!


2 thoughts on “Balanced Diet

  1. A nice slice of cold pizza for breakfast also hits all those important food groups — bread, dairy, vegetables, and meat — in one compact, tasty little meal. Of course, when there are several slices leftover, I can hardly stop with just one … sigh. ;o)

  2. You may be joking but my mom honestly would believe this. When I was little, she frequently fed us ice cream for dinner because the milk had calcium. (?!?!?!?!) We could also have cookies for dinner if we had them with a glass of milk.

    My husband finds it hysterical that I LOVE vegetables and would almost rather have them than dessert sometimes. He is positive that my moms weirdness with food made me a healthy eater.

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