Amusing Searches

Search results that bring people to my blog are sometimes quite amusing:

elipitical coatrack

what does zutad mean





3 thoughts on “Amusing Searches

  1. Did you knit those socks? I have fibro & some kind of arthritis and my feet really hurt in the morning so a girlfriend knit me some bedsocks. Whoow! Best thing ever. I just finished knitting my 6th or 7th pair of wool socks last night & they are so warm and snuggly. Really help the sore toes.

    • Yes, I knit the entrelac socks used as my gravatar. I really like how they look, but they don’t stay up very well. Okay, actually they don’t stay up at all. I wore them yesterday, and kept having to remove my shoes to pull the socks back up over my heel. Anyhow, entrelac is pretty cool in a sweater or hat, but I wouldn’t recommend it for socks. I agree that wool socks are great! Are you on Ravelry?

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