Things Are Looking Up

Thank you so much for the support.  The post about yesterday was pretty dismal.  I can deal with most of those things, but what threw me was my rheumatologist wanting me to begin a biologic yesterday.  I didn’t handle that very well.

Resolving other stuff:

Frozen pipes:  We had an insulated box around the pipes, to protect them between where they exit the well-house and go underground.  The cows have been scratching themselves on the box, which made the thing fall apart.  My husband managed to thaw the pipes without anything breaking (whew!), then built a new (hopefully cow-proof) box.  We have water again.

Heater in the car:  Always works for my husband, but only occasionally works for me.  I really like the older vehicles where the heater options were on or off.  If you wanted hot air, you turned it on; when you were warm enough you turned it off.  Simple.  The newer cars have a temperature setting that blows warm air until it’s five degrees below ideal, then it starts blowing cool air – which is an incredibly stupid system.  I do not want cool air blowing on me.  Ever.  My solution, then, is to set the temperature five degrees above what I actually want – and turn the heater off once I’m warm enough.  Lately, though, I’ve turned the thermostat as high as it goes (it maxes out at 90) and still gotten icy air.   It drives my husband crazy to get in the car, be perfectly warm because the heater works for him, and wonder why I have the heat set on 90!  We will be getting this repaired asap.

Cracked tooth:  cap tomorrow, permanent crown next week.  Because we haven’t had enough medical expenses this year, figured to throw in another expensive procedure.

Insurance:  I phoned the 800-number on my EOB.  Long story short: they’re going to think about reprocessing the claim for my orthotics, which will require my doctor to submit supporting documentation.

Vampires:  One of the test tubes rolled off the little tray onto the floor.  I was surprised that it didn’t shatter, then picked up a bunch of the tubes off the tray and discovered that they’re plastic.  Interested in getting the results because I swear that my blood looked different than usual yesterday – sorta runny instead of thick (when she shook the tubes, the blood got lots of little bubbles instead of just a few, like if you shake a bottle of water), and the color was brighter.  That probably makes no sense. Oh well.

I’m still processing my appointment with the rheumatologist.  With any luck I’ll get it sorted out before subjecting you to much more rambling.


3 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and have worked through some of yesterday’s frustrations.

    I don’t blame you for feeling thrown-for-a-loop after that appointment. That’s a big step and is going to take a lot of thinking and talking. If you ever want to know more about my experience with biologics – which has been very positive – I’m happy to tell you about it. Meanwhile, know that I’m thinking of you as you make these difficult choices.

    Sending warm thoughts your way.

  2. You really did have a lot hit all at once yesterday, WS. Anyone would be thrown a bit. Still, glad to hear your mood has lightened a bit. Having water in the house — without broken pipes — is absolutely good news. And once that cap is on, no more pain from the tooth. Too bad dental work is so outrageously expensive. I’ve been putting off having a broken molar fixed for the same reason — the cost is just way more than my little bank account can handle.

    Anyway. Thinking of you. Be well.

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