I’ve added a new link in my sidebar:  Edwin Leap – a good blog to follow.  It’s past time for me to share the link.  If you’re looking for challenging/encouraging/positive, that’s a good one to check out.

On the other hand, if you want examples of just how much stinkitude can be crammed into one day, read on.  I usually try to find something positive in every situation, but that’s not happening today.  You’ve been warned.

Twelve degrees is cold enough to freeze water pipes.

It’s a chilly winter commute if the car’s heater is on the fritz.  Fifteen miles without heat is too long in the cold.

A cracked tooth is painful.

Being told three times that the podiatrists doesn’t need to see you, and that you don’t need an appointment, and that you should drop in any time to see the nurse because it’ll only take a minute — that does not mean the nurse can help you or that she won’t stick you in a room and screw up the doctor’s schedule.

If you call the insurance company for pre-approval, and they say “yes,” something is covered, they can later deny the $400 claim and leave you with the full bill.

Rheumatologists are not happy to see a flare as the response to an increased mtx dose.

Another visit with the vampire.  When did lab test tubes switch to plastic instead of glass?  Why does looking at my lab order slip indicate the need to open a new case of test tubes before my draw can be completed?

Found an x-ray tech who actually knows what RA is (oh, look, I found something positive, after all); her sister was diagnosed ten years ago (maybe not).

I sincerely hope that you had a better day than I did.
Thanks for checking in – I’ll shoot for something positive soon.

Looking for a lighter conclusion, I leave you with this thought:

What do you call 100 lawyers buried up to their necks in sand?
Not enough sand.


6 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I never noticed that blood vials were plastic now, either. But that’s good! Now they can’t claim they couldn’t do your bloodtests because the vial broke…

    Hope today is a much better one for you, WarmSocks.

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