Hmmm… Reading back, it looks like I revealed a little more than intended in my last few posts.  I promise not to be quite so introspective (at least not for a while)!

Moving on… I still haven’t posted a photo of the socks I knit on our journey last July to see Crater Lake, Pinnacles Overlook, and various other sites up and down the west coast.  That’s because when I finished them, I didn’t like them.  The red that looked so terrific in the yarn shop didn’t look so good in different lighting, since it turned out that the varigated yarn had orange instead of red.  I stuffed the socks in the bottom of my knitting bag and ignored them, hoping that somehow time would work an improvement.  Didn’t happen.

Realizing that I’d be spending sixteen hours in the car for our Thanksgiving trip, I found wool of a more acceptable color – a green that exactly matched.  I frogged the red cuffs and tried again.  Here’s one old and one new:

The lighting doesn’t quite do justice to the color variation.

I also started a pair of black socks.  They were supposed to be for me, and since I’ve used this brand/weight of yarn (but not this color) for half a dozen pair of socks, I didn’t check for gauge.  Consequently, these socks – when and if I finish them – should fit my seven-year-old.

I find that knitting keeps my hands moving and prevents me from getting quite so stiff.
Are there particular activities that you enjoy doing that – as a side benefit – help relieve RA symptoms?


Actually, I couldn’t bring myself to frog the cuffs. I knit too slowly to rip out all that work, so I painstakingly detached them and set them aside on waste yarn, just in case I ever need bright red cuffs.  Maybe a pair of dark grey knee socks with red cuffs/heels/toes for my daughter with hard-to-fit feet.