It’s Good To Be Home

The only green vegetable I’ve seen in a week is celery sticks stuffed with cheez-whiz.

A meal consisting of:

  • stuffing
  • mashed potatoes
  • corn gravy, and
  • dinner rolls

is filling, but lacking.  Even though ham and cold, overcooked turkey were also available, I will never understand how someone can think (1) this is a balanced meal (a wee bit heavy on the starch), or (2) it’s appropriate to serve this to people with food sensitivities to wheat, corn, potatoes, dairy, pork, and chicken eggs (among other things).

Once again tradition triumphs over common sense.  What a shame to see a table laden with food and have my kids in tears, asking, “Why doesn’t grandma care if we get sick?”

Cold, burnt, toasted wonderbread does not qualify as a nutritious breakfast.  Not even if you add fruit.

Maybe grandma wouldn’t need so much Metamucil if she would modify her diet.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Really.  We learned years ago to pack jerky, granola bars, and dried fruit so we don’t spend our time hungry and grumpy.  My kids have free reign to slip away for a quick bite to eat.  When we’re not famished, it’s easier to enjoy visiting.  From the appearance of a couple aunts and uncles, this will be the last holiday season for a few of them.  I’m very thankful we had the opportunity to see them one last time.

I’m also thankful that I remembered to pack my maxalt.  I haven’t needed it in ages, but it came in handy.

Stupid Advice

“You shouldn’t let your children wear their tennis shoes to play in wet grass because they could get bursitis.”

One:  I’m happy that they’re not barefoot.

Two:  Playing in the rain is not a cause of bursitis.

Three:  I’ll file this advice in the same category as this person’s other health observations.  Like stating that a 5’2” person who weighs greater than 250 pounds is healthy.  Or insisting that macaroni and cheese is a vegetable.  Or claiming that half-and-half instead of cream on a side-dish of oatmeal is low cholesterol when eaten with bacon and eggs.


Christmas at my house!  Woo-hoo!


2 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Home

  1. Oh, my. I have to admit that here in the Wren family nest, we indulged in all those bad foods. I baked two turkey breasts. My Mom brought a ham. I made persimmon pie and whipped heavy cream. Mom brought mashed potatoes. I made dressing with more butter in one dish than I generally eat in a month and a half. I made the obligatory green bean cassarole with French fried onions (blehhhh). I made mashed sweet potatoes with bourbon and walnuts, and I roasted two heads of cauliflower with olive oil and herbs. And I made a cinnamon bundt cake. I had a ball. I’m still exhausted and paying for it…

    ALL of this is so far off our normal diet that for this one day, we just laughed and cut loose. It was enjoyable, but by today I was ready to stop eating leftovers and get back on my much healthier diet of oatmeal for brekky, lots of vegetables either roasted or steamed, and lean, grilled chicken or fish for supper. I feel better when I eat mindfully, but I have to admit that our two holiday blowouts are a hoot.

    Bursitis from wearing tennies in wet grass! Well, live and learn…


  2. Bourbon and walnuts? Share the recipe, please.

    I enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal, too. Yours sounds yummy. Once in a while is okay. Every day is not.

    The difference between food sensitivities and allergies is that with sensitivities we’re just dealing with rashes, stomach upset, itchy eyes, and emotional issues. My mother is allergic to a couple foods and carries an epi-pen. I feel fortunate that my kids’ reactions aren’t life-threatening like that. It’s nice to let them occasionally load up their plates regardless of ingredients. Not quite so many days in a row, though.

    Grandma will never change. We just have to shake our heads in amusement.

    My kids will think I’ve gone off the deep end if I serve broccoli soup for breakfast, but I’m sure craving some veggies!

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