Wednesday Weirdness

Previous post brought to you courtesy of Tuesday night mtx.  Gotta remember not to post on Wednesday mornings!  I’m no longer experiencing any nausea from the methotrexate, so I feel like I’m doing okay (more than okay; I feel tons better than a year ago).  However, my thinking sure seems strange – not at the time, just later when I go back and look at things I’ve written.  According to my children, it’s not restricted to my writing.


As you may have deduced (if the previous post made any sense at all), my custom orthotics arrived.  There was a message on my answering machine when I got home from spending six hours in town, “You can pick them up any time.”  sigh  Had the podiatrist dialed my cell number instead of the house, I could have included that errand in one of my many stops instead of needing to make a second trip and disrupting another day.

They look comfortable.  They feel terrific when  I hold them up to my feet.  Unfortunately they won’t fit my shoes until I trim the foam – which I hesitate to do since my shoes need to be replaced.  For now, the orthotics are out in my husband’s woodworking shop where their off-gassing can mingle with the smell of varnish without asphixiating everyone in the house.

As to replacing my shoes, my podiatrist recommended a couple different shoe stores.  These places carry quality products and employee people who are knowledgable about how to fit “feet like mine.”  The shoes are obviously going to cost more than what I’m accustomed to finding on the clearance rack at WalMart!  But not as much as attending shoe school.

I am looking forward to new shoes and feet that don’t hurt.

Any tips on shoes you especially like or dislike?




Off-gassing orthotics offend olfactories.
Objectionably odoriforous.