Dealing With Nausea

Here’s a link to an Arthritis Today article on dealing with medication-induced nausea.

In the comments section, a couple people suggest ginger.  I know it’s been a few years, but I vaguely recall that ginger can help with morning sickness.  That makes me wonder if other things that help with morning sickness could help in combating nausea from methotrexate.  Like a good B-Complex?



6 thoughts on “Dealing With Nausea

  1. When I was pregnant with the twins, every morning I had a fruit juice popsicle. SOmething about the cold and the sugar made my tummy settle down. I wonder if that would help in general for nausea too?

    • Popsicles for breakfast… Hmmmmm… my kids might get to liking this 😉

      It’s not at bad as it was at first, but I increase to 15mg tomorrow night so I’m a little apprehensive. Thank you for the idea.

  2. I know some people who swear by taking their methotrexate alongside a bowl of oatmeal. I’ve never done it, but it could be worth a try if the nausea is really bothering you.

    I still vividly remember the first actual “meal” I ate after those first few weeks on mtx of eating little more than soda crackers and clear broth – it was these little square noodles my grandmother used to make. My parents and everyone else had been trying everything they could think of to get me to eat – I guess these were too tempting to pass up!

    • I love oatmeal. In fact, I finally bought a tiny crockpot that I plan to use specifically for starting cereal at bedtime to eat in the morning. I did that when the kids were little and we loved getting up to breakfast that was ready to serve.

      Noodles, too. Yum. Homemade chicken noodle soup tomorrow night.

      MTX: Twice I forgot and ate a tiny snack at 9:00. I didn’t really want to stay up until 11, so waited until 10 to take the mtx and go to bed. Food helps, but the mtx is supposed to work better on an empty stomach, so I have to figure out a way to prevent mindless snacking (at least on Tuesday nights)

  3. When I was pregnant, it was all about sour tastes for calming my nausea. They sell “preggie pops” in sour flavors but I found sour tangerine Altoids or Lemonheads to be just as effective. Now, I usually turn to plain white bread for nausea.

    I’m sorry to her about your nausea. Hope it improves soon!

    • Sour… I remember that. My last pregnancy I craved sour sugar. It was so funny for someone who was usually pretty good about eating nutritiously to eat a Costco-sized bag of sour candy all in one day. The craving went away completely when I started taking vitamin C. Hmmm… I stopped taking my vitamin C a couple months ago. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Thank you.

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