Apples, Pumpkins, Beets, Neuropathy

“What,” you might be asking, “do apples, pumpkins, beets, and neuropathy have in common?”

The answer is:  my week.

Apples:  A friend learned that I know how to make applesauce and donated the apples from his two trees.  Fortunately, they’re small trees!  It’s incredibly easy – I didn’t realize there were people who can’t make applesauce.

Garden Produce:  I’m also canning pumpkin and beets this week.  Just a few short rows in the garden yielded five gallons of beets.  I don’t even have a count on the pumpkins.  About ten ripened.  My kids cut up two of them while I finished the apples and they’re cooking now.

Neuropathy:  My feet have felt better this summer, but for the past week they’ve been all tingley again.  Apparently they were getting lonely; they’ve invited my hands and arms to the party.  As I contemplated whether or not it’s bugging me enough to warrant yet another doctor’s appointment, I thought of  the post two weeks ago at Pens and Needles.  Then this morning I found a link to The Many Ills of Peripheral Nerve Damage, and decided, “yes” I’m less likely to seek additional treatment, and  “no,” this doesn’t bother me enough to endure more testing and maybe have to take yet another prescription.

Other:  In other current events, the father of a kid I worked with a couple years ago gets released tomorrow.  I wouldn’t be quite so nervous about this if his (ex) family hadn’t spent the past month packing all their belongings.  Is it a coincidence that they are moving out-of-state the day before his incarceration ends?  Is the stress in any way related to what’s going on with my feet/hands?

Well, back to pumpkins.  Clean, peel, chop, cook, can…  pumpkin custard for supper!



One thought on “Apples, Pumpkins, Beets, Neuropathy

  1. Oh, I just love pumpkin. My parents have some in the garden right now and my Mom made a lovely pie last weekend. Yum!

    Hope your arms, hands and feet are feeling better soon.

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