That Explains It

I got a chance to talk some more to my twelve-year old.  The poor kid has had a tough time lately.

When we were in the car wreck, due to where she was sitting, she thought the other car was going to hit her (not just our car).  That was a few months ago and she still doesn’t want to get into a car.  She’d rather stay home alone than go anywhere she can’t walk.  Since we live in the middle of nowhere, that presents a problem.  Even when she stays home, when I  go anywhere, if I’m later than she expects, she gets worried that I’ve been in another wreck.

Her horse died this summer.  She now has a new one, but it was rough losing the first one.

Her piano teacher graduated from college and moved away.  She sobbed to me, “I learned a lot more from her than just piano.”  Which is true.  The teacher was a delightful young lady from a terrific family.  After the wreck, when my daughter associated piano with the wreck, the teacher came to our house, talked & prayed with my daughter, and got her playing the piano again.  We’ll all miss her.

She hates RA.  “I feel like it’s stolen you from us!”  It broke my heart to hear this.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job of minimizing the impact on my family.  Apparently I was wrong.

She has had Raynauds since she was nine (I’ve had Raynauds since I was ten).  She is afraid that she will continue to follow in my footsteps and get RA, too.  A couple times she’s gotten tendonitis – in both hips – at the same time – without any injury to cause it.  My first symptom was bursitis in my hips.  Once she was in so much pain from her hips that she was vomitting.  Ibuprofen helped.  Or both (fill in any joint) hurt.  Sounds familiar.  The kid has no energy.  Zero.  None.  Where have I heard that before?  It’s hard for me to reassure her when I suspect that she might be right.


She’s going to start exercising with me.  Past tense, not future.  We started last night.


2 thoughts on “That Explains It

  1. Poor kid – I’m sorry. That’s a lot for a 12-year-old to have to worry about. I’m glad she’s exercising with you and playing the piano again. I hope they both help her get back to being a kid.

  2. I am so sorry. I know my kids pick things up more than I think they will, and they get upset about things that I didn’t think they would.

    My 9 year old had some strange stuff go on a few years ago…elevated sed rate, joints so sore she couldn’t walk, etc. It all went away after a while (a long while!) so we are just hoping it was a fluke and won’t happen again. I really hope none of my kids have to deal with anything like I have been through, but I guess at least if they do it won’t be quite as scary because I have been through things already and will be able to help them more…I hope.

    I love that you are exercising together. What a great way to spend time together! When my girls started running/walking with me I found that they talked a lot about things they normally wouldn’t. Kind of like when they are in the car and they tell me everything that is going on in their lives.

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