Maybe methotrexate could be sold as a diet supplement.  I lost eight pounds this week!


Initially, I’d planned to take my kids to the fair on Wednesday.  That didn’t work out, and they were pretty understanding about it.  We went yesterday instead.

The older kids were allowed to go off  by themselves (as a group) with instructions on when and where to meet us.  They spent hours watching 4H equine competition, which the younger kids are not the least bit interested in seeing.  We’re not to the point of just handing them food money and meeting at the car at day’s end, but I can see doing that next year.


I got to wander through one of the display halls.  Having not done that for quite a few years, I was shocked at all the vendors peddling “cures” for aching body parts.  There is no evidence that those things work.  I felt sorry for one guy, probably 400 pounds, who thought that spending money on a fancy foot bath was going to make all his knee and back pain disappear.

A few of my friends swear by their pain-relief magnets, and I was considering getting a bracelet or something, just to see if it would make any difference.  Then I found out the price.  Gulp!  I want to see some respected studies before shelling out $400!

There was a foot-massager that looked really interesting.  Signs said that it is helpful for arthritis and neuropathy.  I already know how awesome foot massage feels and was interested, but nobody in that booth would give me the time of day.  They weren’t busy, either!  I noticed all the vendors of arthritis-related products were concentrating on old people.

The younger kids like to spend a large portion of their time playing cribbage (the cribbage congress holds a tournament at this fair every year).  My older kids will play one or two games, but spending hours there bores them to tears.  It was good to split up for a while this year.

The younger kids also got to try their hand at using a few tools at the pioneer farm exhibition:


The methotrexate has one more advantage.  Fair-food is expensive, and you can save a lot of money by not buying it!