The Bright Side

It seems like the other day I said there is always a bright side

And Sunday I posted another attitude button:

I’m thinking…

Got one:  If the mtx works, I should feel completely normal.  My rheumy said that’s the goal.   First time I’ve ever heard that feeling normal again was a possibility.



At my next appointment, I want to hear, “You’re doing great! Let’s try to cut back on your meds.”  I do not want to be given an additional prescription every time I see a doctor:




Was able to move my Thursday appointment to today, so I probably don’t have to go back into town this week.  Saves two hours of driving time.

  • Rheumy:  above new Rx; follow-up in one month instead of two
  • Podiatrist: hold off on the gabapentin for now; wants to see me after I’ve been on the mtx for a month and seen my rheumy again
  • PCP: gave me a cortisone shot and put my arm in a sling for a few days

The sling makes it a bit difficult to type and operate my computer’s mouse, so I’ll probably not be writing much this week.


I’m having a bit of trouble with the idea of needing to take methotrexate.

When I started the plaquenil, it helped.  I was happy to see so much improvement on a mild DMARD.

Then things got worse and we added sulfasalazine.  It helped, and I was happy to be doing well again on the relatively mild DMARDS.

I foolishly thought, “I can’t be too bad, because I don’t need methotrexate.”  Now we’re adding mtx, not even substituting it for one of the others.  And I am not happy about this.