The things you find

You can find the most interesting things while surfing the net.  For instance, this advertisement (city-names edited out):

Independent practice in ABC suburbs seeking family medicine physician, OB optional.  Inpatient and outpatient required with a call schedule of 1 in 3 on weekdays and 1 in 10 on weekends.  Provider would average 20-25 patients per day.  Willing to consider either full or part-time physicians.  Growing suburb of ABC with the local economy quite diversified with the second busiest seaport on the coast, two major military bases and diverse manufacturing industries.  The community is multi-cultural with the ABC-XYZ area home to four major league sports teams and a vibrant arts community.  Medical practice views themselves as ministry as they try to represent Christ to patients.  Goal is to address spiritual needs of patients when possible as well as their physical and emotional needs.  Practice also seeks a balance between family and professional lives, realizing that staff shouldn’t sacrifice their families for the sake of medical care.  Ministry outside of the office includes short-term missions, medical support of the local crisis pregnancy center and the entire office staff participates in annual fund raising for the American Cancer Society.


I’d bet lots of money that this is my family doctor’s ad.  I knew I liked him – and his staff!


Edit:  This ad was on the Christian Medical & Dental Association‘s website, where anyone could browse through all the ads (sorted by state).  Since then, they have changed their site so that isn’t possible.  However, they’ve added a placement service, which might be more effective in matching practices looking to hire with new doctors looking for a place to land.


5 thoughts on “The things you find

    • It’s a small world, but not that small! You’re probably on the other coast. It is a good practice, though. I just found it interesting that 1) I saw the ad (since I wouldn’t normally be looking at listings like this), and 2) it is so obviously my doctor’s office.

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    • I’m guessing there are similar practices in the Sacramento area. It’s nice when kids can know their extended family.

      (sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier; it got caught in the spam filter, but I rescued it)

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