PN’s Silver Lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

It’s there, but we won’t see it if we don’t look.

Even nerve damage has advantages.  For instance:

  • I’m able to pick up extremely hot items
  • Painless procedures

I consider it an advantage that I don’t have to always use potholders.  Sometimes I can carry hot items in my bare hands, even when everyone else in my house needs potholders to handle those same things.  It’s made for some interesting times passing dishes around the dinner table!

Sometimes it’s also an advantage to be unable to feel painful procedures.  Once I had a wart chemically frozen/burned off my toe.  The nurse kept apologizing, saying that she knew it hurt and she was trying to be gentle.  I finally got through to her that – really, it didn’t hurt.  I couldn’t feel it at all.  Which, in hind-sight, perhaps should have been addressed as signficant instead of peculiar.

So, although peripheral neuropathy can at times produce a highly unpleasant sensation in my extremities, I’ll continue searching for the bright side. There always is one.


2 thoughts on “PN’s Silver Lining

    • 🙂 Thank you. I try to be reasonably careful. My husband and kids know that if I think something is hot, they shouldn’t even think of touching it. But my not thinking something is too hot to touch – well, they don’t consider that a reliable opinion.

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