No Kidding!


The right orthotic goes in the right shoe, and the left orthotic goes in the left shoe.

The arch-support is supposed to comfortably conform to the arch of your foot.  The arch support is not supposed to be a painful lump on the outside of your foot.  This is according to the people who filled my prescription from Dr. Foote.

I laughed at them.  And asked, “Do you seriously have to tell people that?”

The professionals assured me that some people can’t tell them apart.  For people who continue to have difficulty, they have to be labeled “right” and “left.”

I’d still rather go barefoot, but am hopeful that these things will help.


2 thoughts on “No Kidding!

  1. LOL!! I just asked my hubby, a podiatrist, if he ever has to tell people which foot is which, but as he fits them and moulds them to the shoe it’s never been an issue. It’s mind-boggling to think there are people out there who can’t work it out though! ;o)

    I’ve had these things for years and I think they’re FANTASTIC!! I hope yours do the trick for you too.

    • Thank you. The right one seems to help. The left one hurts. I think it needs to be adjusted.

      My younger sons were curious and took the orthotics out of my shoes so they could get a good look. Got them confused and put them back in the wrong shoes. On the heels of this post, I thought that was toooooo funny!

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