Too Much

Ever since my rheumy increased my ssz from bid to tid, I’ve been tempted to quit my meds completely.  I haven’t done it, but I’ve sure been tempted.  A zillion different vitamins plus prescriptions for three pills with breakfast, two with lunch, and five with dinner.  It’s just too much.

toomanypills 002

I’ve dropped the vitamins, reducing my pill count to ten per day.  That’s still an awful lot of medication to swallow.  There are days that I never want to see another pill.

* * *

For the past seven years, I’ve taken my children with me to the local nursing home once a week. 

We’ve met many people with great life stories.  Among them are those who were afflicted with RA before treatment from DMARDs* existed.  I’ve seen their hands and wheelchairs.

Not too long ago I talked to a dear lady who was extremely upset that she’d be getting a permanent catheter – because of her RA.  It was just too hard for the staff to help her to the bathroom, but she couldn’t go by herself, and she couldn’t use a bedpan.

I know what can happen with untreated/undertreated RA.  It’s not an abstract theory — not some scare tactic that I’ve heard from an old guy in a white coat.  I’ve seen it myself.

* * *

I think about those wonderful old ladies in the nursing home.  I think about their hands, deformed so greatly that they can barely operate the joystick on their electric wheelchairs.  No holding a book or writing a letter.  No knitting.  No typing on the computer.  No playing the piano or violin or guitar.  No swimming.  I think of a permanent catheter.  I think of not being able to pick apples with my kids.

Maybe those pills aren’t too much, after all. 

Edited 9/5/09
Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs – medicines that alter the normal course of crippling rheumatoid arthritis


2 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. RE the catheter: no idea why they weren’t putting her in a diaper instead. Lots of the residents wear diapers. There was probably something in addition to the RA going on. Still, I haven’t worn diapers since I was 2 years old, and don’t relish the thought of RA sending me back to them.

    And it really is okay to post comments 🙂
    Email’s okay, too, but if more than one person sends email about the same thing, I’ll post a comment.

  2. I was just thinking that about why not a diaper? I hate that for her- that would be devastating. And I agree with your statement on meds. I cut them back sometimes when I don’t hurt…but if my body needs them, my body gets them!

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