ApplesauceCanning season is bad timing for a flare!  Not as bad as some, though, and the kids are great helpers, so things will be okay.

We recently butchered seven of the ducks, and I’m canning it into stew.  This winter when we have power outages, we’ll be able to grab jars off the shelf and heat it on top of the wood stove.  Likewise, I’m boiling down the soup bones to can some beef stew.

The zucchini is still producing like crazy, so the kids will grate/slice more of it today and we’ll get it into the freezer.  I think we’ll be able to eat zucchini all year; never had quite so much before.  The kids picked all the corn; we froze a few meals’ worth as corn-on-the-cob, and the rest was cut off the cob and sealed in freezer-bags.  The watermelons and pumpkins are doing well, but aren’t ready yet.  It’s nice to have a semi-staggered harvest!


Apples have been ripe for a couple weeks, and need to be done now.  Thus, I will be canning applesauce for the next few days.  Fortunately, my kids are great helpers!



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