The Foot


“Are you bringing replacement parts?” my doctor laughed.  When my shoulder was at its worst, I’d purchased an anatomical model of the rotator cuff and took it along to one of my appointments in hopes that the doctor would explain exactly what was wrong.

Apparently that’s not something people usually do.

So now, do I also purchase a foot?  I’d love to know what’s going on with my feet.  It would be awesome if this new doctor has ideas on making my feet feel better.  I had some stretches and exercises that helped for a while, but things have gotten worse again.

It’s pretty frustrating.  To someone who believes in cause and effect, haphazard occurances… argh!  This is driving me crazy!

  • The spread of germs, and subsequent illness are understandable.
  • Sprains, broken bones, and pulled muscles all have specific causes.  While not pleasant, they are understandable.

The body just arbitrarily experiencing pain when there was no injury is NOT understandable.  I want a reason for all these things.  I want to know why this happened, and what I can do to prevent recurrance.  “Nobody knows” is a highly unsatisfactory answer.

Diagnosis and treatment aside, though, I’ve gotten pretty fascinated with anatomy.  The way the body works (or is supposed to work) is amazing.  I’d be quite happy to learn about various aspects of the human body without having to experience malfunctions with each and every system!

Yesterday I phoned my rheumy’s office (apologized for bothering them – I know how busy they get) and asked if the doctor has a strong preference for the specific podiatrist to whom I’ve been referred.  We like my son’s podiatrist, and I would like to see him instead of going to someone new — unless there’s a particular reason to see this other guy.  Not a problem!   What a relief to not have all that paperwork.  This podiatrist is great.  How can you not like someone who brings his dog to the office?!