Why do you ask?

This new doctor to whom I’ve been referred is using an ill-designed generic form.  Why isn’t “no” one of the options to “ever had any STD’s”?   What is an “other” shot?  Why would a podiatrist care about the results of my last pap/mammogram?  What would he do if I checked the “yes” box for “do you have any aspects of your sexuality you would like to discuss?”  (For the record, I don’t; I just fail to see the significance of the question.)

Don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking them.  Questions and tests are just methods of obtaining information. Doctors shouldn’t order tests if the results won’t impact treatment.  Likewise, they shouldn’t ask questions if the answers will not have any impact on treatment.  Doctors might not care about the answers, but patients just might care about being required to provide that information!



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Edit:  Dr. D has a new post about this very subject.