Ostrich alert!

Found a very interesting article, Confessions of a Health Care Rationer:

My son summarized my new situation with typical teenage irreverence: “Gee, Dad, after thirty years of providing health care, your new job is denying it.”

It’s a funny line, of course, if somewhat harsh. I’ll probably let him out of his room in a few weeks. But his quip is largely untrue. Its bite comes from the fact that it’s not entirely untrue.

It’s a strange turn of events, really. After all, I have always been opposed to healthcare rationing. But, then, I have always been opposed to aging, too. I have come to recognize the fundamental similarity between the two. They are simply unavoidable evils (pace Chesterton, Cicero, et al.). The best we can do is to manage them with wisdom and compassion.

There’s more.  It’s definitely worth reading the entire article.