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I’ve been trying to come up with a positive post.  I’ll keep working on it.  Today’s positive is a photo of math symbols. Notice the multiplication sign; sometimes there’s lots of +. 

There’s other stuff, too. Both in math and in life.

One month ago today, my rheumy increased my ssz dose to tid.  I know that it will take a while to kick in, but really hadn’t expected to get worse in the meantime.  It’s pretty discouraging.  I’ve been up for nearly four hours now, and my feet hurt every bit as much as they did while I was still lying in bed.

My hands… what to say…
Think about foot anatomy.  The plantar fascia gets inflamed and leads to the heel & ball of the foot both hurting, plus the arch aching, too.  I have the distinct impression that there’s something similar going on in my hands.

Time to purchase a good quality A&P text and start learning a bit more.


Decided, at least for now, not to call my PCP.  I’m pretty sure that I have some broken ribs.  My ER bill from the accident was $14K; you’d think that they would have at least taken a picture of what I said hurt most. Sure, since I couldn’t turn my head, they needed to check my head/neck. I appreciate that.  But my ribs were what hurt the most, and they still do. A lot.  However, seeing as there’s really nothing that doctors can do for broken ribs, so I don’t think I’ll be calling.