Life is an Adventure


Voice On Phone:  Hello, this is your mother.*  You have four cows in my yard!**
Me:   Is the gate to the street closed?
VOP:  I’ll go close it now.***
Me:  Thank you for calling.

Background:  We live on ten acres.  Our next-door-neighbor has forty acres.  He is a very nice neighbor – he lets us run our cows with his, and he spoils my kids.  On the other side of that neighbor, we own an additional ten acres.  My mom lives in a house over at our back ten; it works out well because she has a place to live, we don’t have to be concerned about renters trashing the house, and we have someone to keep an eye on things.    Back to cows:  All our cows have been here most of the summer, but a few weeks ago we split our herd and put the yearlings at the back ten.  The cows we want to breed stayed here, and we (our nice neighbor, not us) bought a new bull.

When my mom said there were four cows in her yard, I thought that some of the yearlings got out, since that’s the cows that are over there.  Turns out my mom can’t count.  All of the cows that belong here escaped.  Maybe they got to thinking of all the apple trees in her front yard and thought they’d help themselves to a nice feast.

So much for my day of sitting around doing nothing, hoping my chest will heal.  My oldest son had oral surgery in the morning, so was not in any shape to go chase cows.  My daughters and I walked over to mom’s, noticed the huge discrepancy between the reported “four” and the actual “fifteen” cows in her yard eating the apples we’d looked forward to turning into applesauce next month, and headed them back toward home.  Funny, though, there were no calves with the mama cows.

Found the four calves at another neighbor’s.  Those people who just moved in and we haven’t met yet?  Yep, them.

My dear daughter opened the gate to let the calves come home; calves always want to find a way to their mothers.  Unless, of course, the mothers decide to take the entire herd to visit the calves.  In the new neighbor’s yard.

Remind me again why we moved out of the city…

*my caller id works
**don’t panic
***first contain the cows, then phone for help


OT: Parental Rights

I receive periodic mailings from  Sometimes I wish that messages weren’t presented with the alarmist language that they sometimes use, but that doesn’t change the truth: there are those who would like to impose international law on our citizens, instead of following U.S. law.  How sad that we could see such a day.

How could anyone in good conscience object to parents having the legal right to direct the upbringing of their children? 

Nobody is proposing that parents be permitted to harm their kids.  Let’s just guarantee that parents don’t lose the rights that we already have.

I received a long letter today.  In a nut-shell, it asks for $25 and the knowledge that people in the United States want parents to govern the upbringing of their children.  The congressional contact is just as important as the money, imo.  FWIW, here’s the letter.


(edited – link to letter instead of text)