Nearly two years after a doctor first identified that there is something wrong with my achilles tendon, I’ve finally had an MRI.  And I must say that I’m a bit conflicted about it.

What’s the point of testing?  If symptoms are consistent with tendonitis, and appropriate exercises reduce pain, is it reasonable to say, “probably tendonitis,” and move on to the next issue?  Or is it important to know for sure if it’s tendonitis?  If it’s tendonitis along with a problem with the nerves, will that show on the MRI?  And can anything be done? 

There are things that I can do to affect how it feels:

  • If I do exercises for plantar fasciitis (here and here), after about one week, my achilles tendon doesn’t hurt as much.  It still bugs me, but doesn’t cause me to limp.
  • If I refrain from ingesting sugar, it feels better (not well, just less painful).  If I eat candy and cake, it gets worse.  I’m done being my own experimental subject on this; no more refined sugar.

My biggest question is, how do I still have inflammation when I’m living on NSAIDs?  How can my ankles and feet and wrists (and thumbs again sigh) be so inflammed, yet my ESR & CRP be low?


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