I knew from the moment of impact – actually, I knew before the moment of impact – that the other vehicle would be totaled.  I suspected ours would be, too, but the insurance adjuster (sitting in his office), and a couple people at the scene after I was taken away, said our rig should be  repairable.  Note that those people did not feel the jolt of being smashed into at 60 mph.

Now we’re told that the estimate for our repairs came in at $24K, so we’ve been totaled, too.



No broken glass.  The air bags didn’t deploy.  The interior looks perfect.  But it’s pretty lop-sided.  The frame is seriously bent, the doors don’t close, it needs a new front axle, wheel, front & back panels, hood…

We got lucky when we found something that would seat our whole family comfortably and tow our travel trailer.  They’re not made any more, and we’re having a little difficulty finding a replacement.


Shocking how life can change in an instant.
And I understand the need for private medical records, but it would be nice to know that the people who hit us will be okay.  I don’t even know if they’re out of the hospital yet.

The form that I must sign for the auto insurance company to pay my medical claims includes a release of all my medical records.  I guess they want to be able to look at a person’s file and object to paying for anything that they think might not have been caused by the wreck.  So here I sit with an increasingly sore right shoulder and left hip (seat belts keep people from flying through the windshield, but they can do their own damage).  Given my previous tendonitis and bursitis, I’m pretty certain that a couple cortisone shots would be really helpful.  Not sure that the insurance company would allow it, or if they’d call it pre-existing.  I don’t want to fight over something so small.  PT might be appropriate, but I can save the insurance company some money there, since I’ve already been for those joints, and already know the appropriate exercises.

I’ve determined that I’ll be spending less time on my computer, and more time with my kids.  One day – for all of us – there won’t be any more time left.


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