New Perspective This Week

balanceI’ve gotten so focused on health and taking care of myself, that other things I should be doing don’t always get done.  Life had gotten a little out of balance, so I’m attempting to correct that situation.

What this means:

  • more time exercising, less time claiming that I should be
  • less time reading RA books (no new info in the last couple I read), more time playing with my kids
  • more of those things that aren’t getting done, less time on my computer

This has been driven home this week.  My younger kids signed up for day camp.  All the local violin teacher cooperate on this, running a 3-day intensive “camp” every summer.  Would the kids enjoy the week as much if it was called a “workshop”?  These are all good teachers, and they make it fun for the kids. The kids have fun playing violin with others, they are exposed to different teachers, and they get to learn a couple new pieces of music.

This year was the first time they added a new feature to the camp:  parent’s class.  I did not sign up, but at the end of the first day, my kids said that I should have.  The second day I took the plunge and packed my violin.  It was fun.  Instead of focussing on what I can’t do, I was seeing what’s still possible. Two of the RA blogs I managed to read this week said something similar – sorry, I’d give credit/links if I could remember which ones (part of my time-saving strategy: before, I would have re-read every blog, searching for the ones I’m thinking about, so that I could properly quote and credit).  My apologies to the two of you who should be linked.

Being gone, I didn’t get to every blog I like to read.  I didn’t do as much in FarmTown this week.  And the world didn’t stop revolving.  I’m taking books back to the library without reading all of them.  The last two RA books I read had no new information in them – I think I have the basics down pretty well by now; I’ll want to keep on top of new research discoveries, but older books aren’t going to be much help.  It’s time to move on and apply all this theory.  I think connections with others who have RA will be more beneficial than re-hashing the same academic facts of the disease.

Back to reality.  I’ll never be a concert violinist.  There will be days that my shoulders hurt too much to play very long.  My pinkie locks up so I’ll probably never be able to reliably play fourth-finger notes. But that doesn’t mean I have to give up completely.  Life goes on.  I like music.  I was having fun learning to play the violin before RA wreaked havoc with my life.  It’s time to live as normally as possible, despite RA.  For me, that’s going to include a little violin.  Here’s a photo from the camp’s concluding concert:



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