Pace Yourself

One of the first tricks I learned in dealing with RA is that I have to pace myself.  Work – rest – work – rest.  I can get more done and feel better in the end if I’m careful not to do too much.

But it’s not always realistic.  Living in a rural area as I do, it takes an hour to drive anyplace.  That means I combine errands.  If I have to be in town for one thing, I save a lot of time and gas by getting everything done at once instead of a second trip on another day.  Yesterday I:

  • sewed a shirt for my 12-year old
  • visited the nursing home (I do this weekly)
  • took my 10-year old shopping for his first pair of cowboy boots
  • bought my older kids blue jeans
  • went shopping at the fabric store
  • more clothes shopping for the kids
  • grabbed a bite to eat (I’m so grateful for drive-thru windows)
  • took my 12-year-old to the dentist (not much fun for her, but it was a short rest for me)
  • went to the pharmacy for refills
  • started shopping for a bicycle (my birthday present from the kids)
  • went to the library
  • decided I was too tired to meet my husband for dinner, and just headed home
  • stopped at the grocery store, since all the meat in our house was in the freezer

Upon arriving home, the kids announced that since lunch hadn’t been until 1:30, nobody was hungry.  This was a very good thing.  I was exhausted and didn’t know how I’d manage to stand on my feet to cook dinner.  I went to my sewing/laundry room and:

  • washed three loads of laundry
  • cut fabric for shorts to go with the 12-year-old’s new shirt
  • cut and sewed a shirt for my 7-year-old
  • ironed other fabric

Fortunately, those things could be done from a seated position. My feet are killing me. I am ever so thankful that this flare is not affecting my hands.  More laundry and sewing to do today, but I’m planning on frequent breaks to make use of my paraffin bath.


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