Instant Gratification – NOT

“Try these pills, and if they work, you’ll feel better in two-to-six months.”  That’s not what we’re accustomed to.  We’re used to having what we want right away.  We’re used to the doctor knowing exactly which medicine will cure our ills.  With RA, there’s no cure, there’s no way of knowing whether a specific medicine will work for a specific person, and it takes months to discover whether or not you’ll see results from a particular treatment.

It’s pretty frustrating when every RA patient has to be a guinea pig.  I look forward to the day that they are able to sub-type RA like they subtype pneumonia – when they’ll be able to tell which drug will work on a specific type – when they’ll find a cure – when my 12 year old isn’t afraid that she’s going to get RA like me, since she has Raynauds like me.

And on that cheery note, I’ll leave you with a photo.  My duck who’s been sitting for the past month introduced us to her little brood today:

Ducklings 016


One thought on “Instant Gratification – NOT

  1. I understand your frustration! Almost every medicine I’ve been put on takes months to start making a difference. In the meantime, the disease is progressing. It’s a difficult situation.

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