Achilles Tendonopathy

RA – the equal opportunity inflamer.

When RA causes tendinitis, tendinosis, or tendonopathy, it hurts !!! 

Typical treatments are rest and NSAIDS.  That applies to inflammation of any tendon, whether or not you have RA.  Let’s see what can be done to hit this problem right out of the ballpark.  Batter up!

When it’s the achilles tendon, rest involves things such as avoiding stairs and using crutches.  When a person’s home contains stairs, this suggestion is unrealistic.  Sure, I’ll just sleep on the couch and not do any laundry for a few months.  Strike one!

Crutches might work to rest one side of the body, but when inflammation is symetrical, crutches aren’t a good solution.  Strike two!

A wheelchair might work – if you don’t have stairs to navigate.  Foul ball!

NSAIDs – now there’s a novel idea.  People with RA are already taking prescription-strenghth NSAIDs – or even prednisone – and still get tendonitis.  Strike three! You’re out! 


First line tendonitis treatments don’t work when you have RA.

New batter up!

Bottom line:  when you’re being treated for RA and still develop tendonitis, don’t lose hope.  Relief is available.