Thank Your Doctor

Have you ever written your doctor a thank-you note?

I say thank you after my appointments,  but it never occurred to me to write and thank him.

  • Repeat business is a form of thanks.  If I didn’t like what happened in his office, I’d take my business elsewhere.
  • He bills for a service and is paid for it.  Prompt payment is a form of thanks.
  • I refer friends to my doctor – that’s a form of thanks.
  • Sometimes acquaintances ask me for a good doctor, and I show my appreciation to my doctor by not giving out his name to crazy people.

I don’t write thank-you notes to the postman, or plumber, or butcher.  Why would the doctor be any different?  But the more I’ve thought about it, the doctor is different.  So I’ve changed my mind.  Good doctors should be thanked. Sincerely.  In writing.

WhiteCoat has a post about a thank you.  I found another one on a different blog, but can’t find it now – about a doctor who received a thank-you note that meant so much to him he kept it for years.

My doctor didn’t save my life or anything like that.  I like him because he’s a good doctor.  He’s a nice person.  I like how he runs his practice.

  • My doctor takes time and listens to me.
  • Either he cares, or he’s good at faking it.
  • He tries to run on schedule.   There’s a sign on his door that says, “If it is more than 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment time, please check with the receptionist.”  In fifteen years, I’ve only seen him run later than that twice.  It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that he gets behind schedule, but it’s not usually when I’m there – well… okay, there have been a few times that after my appointment he ran late the rest of the morning.  Sorry.  I’ll try not to let it happen again.  Let’s see, I also made him late the day he stopped to see me in the hospital at 8 a.m.; he left but had to turn around and drive right back to deliver my baby at 8:30.  He was probably behind schedule that whole morning.  So I understand that sometimes running late is unavoidable, but he tries to see people at their appointed times.  I appreciate that.

I could name a lot more things, but instead of posting them here, I’m going to write my doctor a thank-you note!


Post Script:  Check here for links on how to thank your doctor


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