More on Peripheral Neuropathy

 Last week I wrote a little about neuropathy and my experiment in stopping the fish oil supplement. My feet definitely improved.

Don’t add any medications or supplements without talking to your doctor first!

Unfortunately, yesterday things were worse again.  That probably gives some credibility to the “this might be caused by RA” theory.

The doctors at Doctors In The House were kind enough to respond to some of my questions; it sounds like there are treatment options, and I can expect some improvement. Very good to hear!  They recommend seeing my PCP until I can get in to the rheumy, so that’s my next step.

There’s a pretty good peripheral neuropathy article on Mayo Clinic’s website.  Also tips on Non-Pharmaceutical Pain Management on ER Drama: The Blog.

Things are looking up…


2 thoughts on “More on Peripheral Neuropathy

  1. My rheumatologist just “prescribed” fish oil supplements and vitamin D. She saw my skeptical look and said that there have been studies that these help rheumatoid arthritis and sjogrens. I will be interested to see how it works for me. Are you saying it made things worse for you?

    • There are studies showing improvement with fish oil. I’ve seen write-ups on one of those studies, and also talked online with a number of people who notice that it helps. So I tried it without talking to my doctor. Bad move. It interacted with one of my prescriptions and made that med not work as well. I’m doing much better since stopping the fish oil.

      If your doctor recommended it, then you probably wouldn’t have that interaction. Hope you find that it helps 🙂

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