Combination Therapy

The sulfasalazine seems to be helping. I have mixed feelings about that.

  • Positive – I’m feeling better. I have more energy.
  • Negative – I was hoping the doctor was wrong. Silly, I know, but I’ve been hoping that my new rheumy (appointment in a few weeks) would come up with a different diagnosis. Responding so well to a second DMARD means that’s not too likely.

My family really likes me having more energy. Yesterday I helped my seven-year-old curry his horse, then stayed outside to watch him ride. I pitched the baseball for my sons’ batting practice. This morning I puttered in the greenhouse for two hours. I played Pinochle and Pit and I Spy Snap. After all that, I was able to cook dinner at the end of the day. Not only did my family get real meals at dinnertime, I even made dessert four times this week.

I’m thrilled to be feeling so much better. But, as someone who has never liked taking any medicine, another prescription … {sigh}


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