Hooray for Ducks!

Food allergies require creative thinking. This is why I raise ducks.

There are chemically-formulated egg substitutes on the market, but who wants to needlessly ingest chemicals? When I read that people who can’t eat chicken eggs are sometimes able to tolerate duck eggs, I was excited to try.

Four years ago I purchased a mixed flock and discovered that my daughters and I all do well with duck eggs. Unfortunately two of my sons don’t do as well — read that to mean that they don’t eat fried or scrambled eggs, but they can at least have the minute quantities of egg that appear in homemade hotcakes and mayonaise.


One thought on “Hooray for Ducks!

  1. Sounds like raising your own is the way to go!

    Another thought – my mother in law is allergic to penicillin, and for years had stomach problems if she ate eggs (she was okay with baked goods containing eggs)

    Then, she tried anti-biotic free eggs … and could have a plate of scrambled or fried eggs with no problems.

    Good luck,

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