Time to Exercise

Everyone needs exercise. We know that.
So why is it so hard?

As a kid, I was pretty active: gymnastics, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming… In high school I lettered in soccer and track. For a while I dated a body builder, and spent a lot of time working out at the gym. So, I know how to exercise.

I just don’t do it. Somewhere along the line, with work, then kids, managing a home… I quit making time to exercise. Taking time to exercise would mean not taking time for one of my current activities. What could I give up?

  • laundry
  • sleeping
  • shopping
  • meal preparation
  • eating

This could work! If I take the time I currently spend grocery shopping, and instead exercise, there won’t be any food in the house. Without food in the house, I can also use the meal-prep time to exercise. And, without any meal-prep, I won’t need to take time to eat.

I think I’ve just found an extra three hours in my day! Exercise, here I come!


One thought on “Time to Exercise

  1. I love this blog!!!!! I just found out in summer of 2008 that I had RA,I have 3 small children,ages 3,5,and 8.I feel like I dont have time to do anything extra for my self,by the time they are in bed I am ready to fall out to. So yes how do you make time for exercise? As a mother you are very busy with school,homework,baseball,dinner,laundry,baths, and many other things.

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