Thank you to Lynn for the great link to a Medical News Today article: What Is Neuropathy? What Causes Neuropathy?

One part in particular got me to thinking:

…Another class of medicines commonly prescribed for neuropathy is that of anticonvulsants. These medicines block calcium channels on neurons to limit pain…

This is very interesting.  Huge stretch, I know, but a couple months ago, my PCP had me add a calcium channel blocker – not as an anticonvulsant (sometimes I wish I’d gone to medical school), but as a headache prophylactic.  Is it a coincidence that my feet stopped hurting as much?

Stretch it might be, but my feet have felt much better.  Except this past week.  Just recently my feet have been hurting again.  What changed?  Took a while to figure that one out, but there was one little change:  I added fish oil to my vitamin/supplement mix.  I often feel that the last thing I need is another pill, but fish oil is one supplement that has been confirmed by research to help with RA.  When it takes multiple glasses of water to get all your pills down, what’s one extra swallow?  So I’ve been taking fish oil for a week.

RA: Best and Worst Supplements and Herbs arrived in yesterday’s email.  This article contains the little gem:

Fish oil … can also interact with other medications you may be taking for conditions such as high blood pressure…

I don’t have high blood pressure, but calcium channel blockers are used to treat hypertension.  Huge wild guess, maybe too big a stretch, but I’m wondering if the calcium channel blocker that helped so much with my migraines and Raynauds also helped allieviate the burning in my feet.  Things were great until I decided like an idiot (without consulting my doctor) to add fish oil to the mix.

I’m thinking that I will stop the fish oil and see what happens.  Since I’ve already turned myself into a human guinea pig… If it works, I suppose I’ll need to mention it to my doctor.

Stay tuned for further developments…


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