Since people have asked, I will publicly say: yes, I really keep a skeleton in my bathroom.

We’ve named our skeleton Seymour – after the game-show host in DK’s Amazing Human Body.  Why the bathroom?  I tried keeping him in the living room, but that didn’t work.  When we had him stand behind the couch, he was hard to roll out into the middle of the room when we wanted to use him, and he was in the way everywhere else we tried.  We considered suspending him from the ceiling, but that, too, would have been inaccessible for hands-on learning.  Other rooms in the house are even further from where he gets used, and there’s space in the bathroom, so this works for us.

Earlier this week a friend brought her seven-year old to visit.  Small people aren’t too keen on using the bathroom for its intended purpose when Seymour is in there, so we usually move him into the living room to sit with our guests whenever company comes.  This makes him much less threatening.

All the skeleton-in-the-closet jokes not withstanding, Seymour is simply too tall to fit in the closet.  Plus it would get too crowded; that’s where we keep Cousin It.


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