Making Lemonade

Lemonade is easy to make: mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey; stir in five times as much water.

We make lemonade and pour it over ice in the hot summer. It can look really fancy (pink) with an added spoonful of grape juice.

When it’s snowy outside, we make hot lemonade; it’s even better than cocoa. We treat sore throats and stuffy noses with hot lemonade, too. Whatever the situation, lemonade hits the spot.

Sometimes life gives us lemons.

There is no point in letting our lives be ruled by the bitterness of chronic disease. Find something sweet to balance the bitterness. Since it takes an equal quantity of honey to sweeten lemon juice, it’s going to take a significant amount of sweetness in life to counterbalance the sour taste of RA.

What adds sweetness to your life?

  • good relationships
  • finding things that you enjoy

The term relationships covers all of life’s interactions

  • Relationship with God – faith
  • Relationships with family – family members can add incredible sweetness to our lives
  • Relationships with friends – nurture good friendships, drop others
  • Relationships with pets – animal friends can bring joy

Enjoyable activities shouldn’t be lost to the RA monster – modified if necessary, but never stolen completely away. Some people like music. My hands won’t cooperate for playing the piano, but they still work on my guitar and violin. I can listen to others play. Some people like art. If necessary, find special tools. Offer to give lessons. Find a way to adapt. Gardening can still be done – maybe more slowly, maybe even different plants, or raised-beds instead of down on the ground. Those who like hiking might need to locate paths that can be easily navigated instead of blazing new trails through the wilderness.

Finding things that are enjoyable doesn’t mean that we have a license to be self-centered. Only those who have experienced a disease can come alongside the newly diagnosed and say, “I’ve been there, too. I understand.” Turn the bitterness of disease into lemonade by helping others.

If we only mix equal parts of honey and lemon juice, we don’t get lemonade. We get cough syrup. Lemonade needs lots of water.

For a balanced life, we can’t have only pain & good times. We need to realize that there’s a lot more to life. The key is to figure out what is truly important. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter. Find what brings value to your life and figure out a way to make it happen.

Whatever the situation, lemonade hits the spot.


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