Rant warning!

Here’s a great YouTube video about electromyography and nerve conduction velocity testing:


After talking with some who’ve endured the procedure, I wondered what kind of person becomes a doctor to help mankind, but decides instead to make a living by electrocuting people! Now that it’s over with, I’d say that although it wasn’t as wonderful as the video suggests, my experience wasn’t nearly as bad as some people’s.

Test results:


  1. This is an abnormal study. (Thank you – I think. While I would rather have no health problems, it’s nice to know this isn’t all in my head.)
  2. The findings are compatible with mild, early distal peripheral neuropathy involving both lower extremities. This appears to be predominately a distal axonal neuropathy. I suspect this could be due to an underlying rheumatoid arthritic process. (I have no idea what that means.  I guess one benefit of RA is that it’s sure expanding my vocabulary. I have searched online medical dictionaries to no avail – can’t find all these words; all I know is that there’s something going on with the nerves in my feet – which I already knew. That’s why I went for the test.  My rheumatologist said this is not from RA, now this guy says maybe it is.)
  3. There is no strong evidence of peripheral entrapment neuropathy, including tarsal tunnel syndrome. No evidence of root pathology involving anterior primary rami. Please correlate these findings with other clinical workup. (“Other clinical workup?!” Does that mean I am going to need more tests? My glucose is fine; I am not diabetic. Pernicious anemia runs in the Scandinavian side of my family; but my B12 is normal.)

So what the heck is wrong with my feet? They feel like they’re on fire! My RD has had these test results for nearly two weeks.  His report was faxed; my copy came via snail-mail.  Why have I not heard anything from him?

Am I being a wimp about this? Normally I have a pretty high pain threshold. I delivered all my babies without medication. I played in a soccer game a couple days after having my wisdom teeth removed. Hearing that this horrid burning sensation in my feet is both “mild” and “early” is disheartening. Is it going to progress and get worse?

Is there any treatment for this? Is there any cure for this? I have read that some people with peripheral neuropathy take lyrica, but nobody has said that it makes things better. I don’t want another drug! I want my old life back! And I want the doctor who sent me for this test to call me and explain what’s going on! I assume that something can be done to treat this – why else do the test?  But even if he says that there is nothing that can be done, there is no excuse for not contacting me.


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