I Hate the PA

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The Long Roller Coaster, Part 4
January 2008

No matter how good the rheumatologist is, it is not a good fit between me and this particular PA-C.  We’d had a disagreement at my first appointment.  Then he didn’t return my phone calls.  Then he blamed me for his mistake with the pain killer. Now he can’t get his story straight.  Either you’re surprised at lab results, or the results confirm your suspicions. You can’t have it both ways – those are mutually exclusive!

Now I’m stuck with a doctor who’s relegated me to a PA who won’t listen to me and blames me for his error.  I don’t trust him to tell me the truth. I don’t trust him to prescribe medication safely.  The last thing I need is the added stress of seeing this guy.

My PCP’s the Best

originally written as one huge post, and published 1/15/09 on the Arthritis Foundation’s host, I have broken this into a number of smaller posts


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